What to look for in a Music Tutor for Kids

Music is an art and learning an art is fun. When you have hopped upon the idea of getting your child learn music either vocal or instrumental. The next move is to find the best music teacher for your child. For most of the parents, this means finding a private music tutor who can give individual music lessons to their child. Finding the best and most suitable music teacher can be challenging for you if you are not well inclined with the music or your childhood memories of music education have either faded away or are coupled with old boring music lessons by a tough- talking teacher. The success of your child’s music lessons depends upon the music teacher. Below are a few tips which you need to keep in mind before choosing the teacher for your child’s music journey.


What is the teacher’s teaching methodology?

You need to interview the teacher even if he is talking to you on call. Ask about their teaching procedures. What teaching approach the teacher uses? Does he focus much upon the theory and history or she also opts a more practical approach? What teaching material they use for teaching? Does the tutor stress upon classical tunes, popular music or a mix up of both?

Ask other parents about the teacher.

If it is possible for you, contact other parents of those children who are studying with the teaching you are going to consider for teaching your child. Are the music lessons proving fruitful for those children? Are the children comfortable with the behaviour and friendly attitude of teacher? Does he have a flexible work routine if lessons are required rescheduling?

What does the teacher require from parents?

When you contact with the tutor, do ask him/her about their expectations from the parents. What is the recommended practice time daily? And if there are any competitions held, is the children’s participation important?

Enquire about the costs.

Music can be an expensive education. Ensure you can easily afford the fee of individual music lessons for your child. Ask the teacher about any material or instruments your child may need for learning the required music. If you find private lessons too dear for your budget, you can opt for the group classes for your kids as they are less expensive than the individual lessons.

The location of lessons.

Ask the teacher about where the lessons are going to be held. If you have to drive daily for about 30 to 40 minutes, it will become hectic for you and your routine life. A teacher in close location near your home will be better for your child too as driving over long distance may make your child tired which will affect his/her learning.

Music is a great part of everyone’s life, especially those learning it. Your child’s effective music learning is dependent upon your choice of the music teacher for him/her. And when it comes to providing quality music teachers, The Learning Lab is your best choice for that purpose. They provide expert music teachers for your child according to his/her needs and capabilities. You can contact them for booking a trial lesson via mailing at deewhy@thelearninglab.com.auor get to them via a call on 02 9981 2677.


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